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The guidance principles of the honorable merchant

I am committed to the principles of the honourable merchant, dating back to the “assembly of an honourable merchant” in Hamburg in the year 1517.

[Link:] Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce Nuremberg

The Honorable Merchant as a Person:

Commitment to value compliance

  • The honorable merchant has a tolerant and liberal attitude.
  • The honorable merchant keeps his/her word with the handshake as a binding act.
  • The honorable merchant develops commercial judgment capabilities

The Honorable Merchant in His/Her Company:

Creating the conditions for honorable behavior

  • The honorable merchant acts as a role model through all actions.
  • The honorable merchant promotes honorable behavior in his business.
  • The honorable merchant aims at long-term and sustainable business objectives.

The Honorable Merchant in Society and the Economy:

Comprehending and creating the framework for honorable behavior

  • The honorable merchant heeds the principle of equity and good faith.
  • The honorable merchant recognizes and takes responsibility for the economic and social order.
  • The honorable merchant always advocates his values both in domestic and foreign trade.