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He who wants to interact successfully in international markets needs selective, purposeful and efficient help from external partners and experts. It often starts with the procurement of knowledge on contracts – here, it is important to limit risks at the essential issues, without offending the client. Here the basis for sound and productive cooperation or for tensions between parties is set., Crucial background knowledge can be provided as expert-advice, supporting all the contractual-commercial business processes or projects.

Not only in the machinery and plant engineering there are differences and “collisions” between the contract parties. At this point, business mediation, which prevents a lawsuit and straightens out things quickly, cheaply and non-bureaucratically, is effective. Mediation also helps to avoid mistakes in company succession. So you protect your company from a permanent impairment.

In order to prepare and train your employees and executives, there are different modules for education and further training available. In-house workshops from contract management via conduct of negotiation through to conflict-free communication can be booked. Consultancy services for small and middle-sized companies are widely eligible.