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Intergration of taken-over companies

What is crucial for the success of an acquisition or a merger? Cultures clash and people – especially the acquired company’s staff – experience uncertainness. Now communication about aims and needs is essential. This will lead to concrete, creative solutions and will gain clear pictures of the other side’s views. Missunderstandings emerge through speculations about the goals and motives of the counterpart, which never leave the own mind and thus avoid a reality check.

The extraordinary effectiveness of the mediation process reaches far beyond mere conflict resolution. Consider a closed-door meeting moderated by a process-competent industry insider for all procedures, which

  • are essential for success and
  • have several people involved, while
  • these people may have different views and interests.

We work with a top-down approach, i.e. the general marching direction is attuned in an executive meeting. Thereby you decide, whether additional inter-company working-groups will meet, e.g. to establish optimal interactive workflows right from the start. Use your employees’ know-how and creative potential to make your acquisition a mutual success.