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Claim management and contractual risk management

Claim management without system means giving away money. Projects in machinery and plant engineering are complex and long-ranged. Secure your acquired success and keep track of possible claims and the contractual preconditions for their enforcement.

Claim management should be included in the project progression as soon as possible so that no neglect of documentation or deadlines will occur. I will provide the Claimshandbuch (Claims Manual), which helps to capture all relevant steps for individual contracts. Thus, you will keep control even of complex processes.

According to demand, your project management will be supported through:

  • Seminars in contract law, claim management, conduct of negotiations
  • Development of risk analysis questionnaires and processes
  • Implementation of the claim-manual for an order / contract
  • Processing of the claim-manual
  • Correspondence
  • Preparation of negotiations
  • Support during negotiations

Everything will be focused on the qualification and the support of your employees. As a result, you can transfer the scheme to follow-up projects. My support is determined by your demand.